5 Koi Legends

5 Koi Legends is a penny slot, so low rollers can enjoy this game. The max bet is $4.00. With the max paylines at 25, wagers range from $0.25 to $100 per spin. 5 Koi Legends is housed in the Viridian WS cabinet, which features wide 22-inch LCD monitors, a new sound system and a 13-button low-profile panel.

Whether you choose the classic or deluxe mode, both games are played out on the somewhat standard five reels, each of these reels showing three symbols. The cost for each of the spins when playing the maximum five reels is 30 credits, although players can opt to play multiples of the 30 credits. Some of the better-paying symbols are unique to this game.

These are Chinese characters with different colors and a word underneath each – these are ‘wealth,’ ‘lucky’ and ‘good luck.’ There are also red envelopes and the Koi in a pond, which is the wild symbol as well as the biggest-paying.

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