A Night Out

A Night Out is an invitation to enjoy a nice time hitting the bars and having a drink or two along the way.The game’s design itself is rather simplistic, with a uniform purple background upon which the reels are place. The symbols display a nice, minimalistic design that is very pleasant to look at. The reels themselves spin at a dizzying speed, accompanied by retro sound effects that help creating a fast-paced and dynamic betting atmosphere.

If A Night Out is, visually speaking at least, a rather low-key experience, there is still plenty of fun to be had on the reels of the game.

A Night Out benefits from a well-designed gameplay, where all the commands you need fit neatly in a single command bar located at the bottom of the game screen. The font and colours used complement the rest of the game nicely, which helps unclutter the screen further.

The five spinning reels of the game display three symbols each, with 20 potential paylines drawn in all directions. To win, you need to land specific combinations of symbols on activated paylines. Use the different switches to select the number of paylines you want to bet on and your bet per line. The (+) and (-) buttons on the right-hand side are there to let you tweak your total wager a little further. Keep an eye on the displays just above the command bar to see what you are betting, and hit the Spin button to let the reels spin loose.

Use Bet Max to activate all paylines and go all-in with a single click. That might be a good idea sometimes, given that a larger bet also means larger potential wins in the future. Also, check out the settings menu in order to configure the Autoplay game mode. Thanks to this alternative game mode, you can let the reels spin on their own for as long as you want, with a constant bet all along.

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