Chaoji 888

The number 8 is a special number in Asia, especially in China, where the number is greatly championed by those desperate to maintain good fortunes. The reason for this? That is less clear, but nobody can deny that due to the shape of the 8, it forever continues onwards, never swaying or losing its sense of direction. It self-fulfils; maybe that’s why it’s the focus of the game here?

Unlike a typical number 8, these are dragons here, just in case the oriental theme hadn’t been hammered home enough already. One dragon on its own is a win here, albeit a small win of x8 of your wager. If users get a double dragon, the reward is better at x88, but the best anyone can hope to have here is the x888, the three dragons; it’s the game’s name sake after all.

Whenever a successful win is created, the reels glow and pulsate with light, helping you to identify your win (not that you need any assistance). Then a window will appear and add up your total. As nice as it is to have a visual on your wins, due to the size of the game it feels like an unnecessary design element, almost redundant.

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