Great China

The giant panda only lives in some of the most areas of China and in this game, you’ll get to appreciate the beauty of the country. The reels are set in the mountainous region where the snowy peaks stretch out as far as the eye can see. In the foreground and in the distance the pagodas dotted around leave you in no doubt about exactly where you are but you won’t see a soul disturbing the peace.

The colours are muted and you’ll feel a sense of serenity washing over you just looking out at the scene in front of your eyes.

In direct contrast, the reels and gameboard are bright and colorful with the auspicious colour of red taking centre stage yet again. You’ll also find a lot of gold and gilded symbols, in a game which is ornate and dripping with riches.

On the reels the panda puts in an appearance, leaving you satisfied after a long search for the bear.

And now you’ve found the errant creature, you can start on your own quest for prizes and cash!

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