Native Indians

The term ‘Native Indian’ gets used a lot, even to this day, and yet very few of us ever get a chance to partake in the culture of this ethnicity. This is because a lot of its heritage has been washed away by the colonisation from various others countries.

What this means is that we have a yearning to learn more and immersive ourselves into scenes we’ve only ever watched upon our various devices. As if knowing it was an avenue that still needed exploring, PlayPearls created this slot machine to try and address this gap in the market.

Although it’s only a 5-reels 20 paylines title, it is as colourful and as culturally rich as we’d hoped, and it has a fair few offers ready and waiting for those who are interested in discovering more. This isn’t a history lesson, ladies and gentleman, it’s just old fashioned fun pure and simple.

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