Chai Shen 888

Take a walk on the oriental side and play Cai Shen 888, an internationally played Spade Gaming title that has 5 reels and more than 1,000 ways to win, making it a big and juicy online casino game.

Appearance wise it looks quite similar to a lot of the other Spade Gaming titles, with the traditional elements from Chinese culture showing up once than more, such as lucky coins, paper lanterns and firecrackers. Here, though, they’re utilised in a different way to ensure you don’t feel the annoyance that comes with playing a repetitive and predictable game.

Unlike some of the brand’s other activities, the base jackpot here starts off at a very small 400 credits, however it can soon grow thanks to the scatters and free spins that can be unlocked. What this means is that you have to work towards a big jackpot, rather than be handed one on a plate.

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