Feng Shen

Feng Shen is an Asian themed game, with an atmospheric oriental setting. It’s made up of 20 paylines, 5 rows and 3 reels and filled with a sense of mystery and adventure. The design sports an impressive animated spin action, and graphics that jump to life with every twist and turn.

This slot is not primarily for the English speaking market, though. All the words are written in Chinese (presumably Mandarin). So if you can’t read and interpret this language, you may have a bit of a struggle. That said, those familiar with slot machines will be able to fathom much of the action, as the buttons are familiar and fairly obvious. But you won’t stand a chance on the game’s instructions without an app to translate, and the game itself offers no such assistance in its settings.

Bets start at 0.1 coins and go up to 50 coins, with all 20 paylines in play throughout. Opt to use the start button manually, or activate auto spin by pressing and holding the start button (the big green one on the bottom right of the screen), as opposed to the additional auto spin button you will find in most other slots. Each win is calculated on the highest combo of 3, 4 or 5 matching symbols (shown from left to right on the reels) and with any bonuses added to your total prize. Once you score a win, it will be displayed in your total, shown on the screen throughout.

In Feng Shen, the wild is represented by the yin and yang, an ancient Chinese philosophical and religious symbol, depicting opposite and contrary forces coming together – and the basis for pop culture jewellery and posters in the 1990s. This evocative symbol substitutes for all others on the base game reels. It’s also the highest paying symbol on the board. Five of them will award you 2,000 credits.

The next highest paying symbol is the sage old Chinese gentleman with his long white beard, reminiscent of Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, played by Sir Ian McKellen. He is followed by a raven haired Chinese lady with an impressive ornate headdress. Then there’s a younger Chinese gentleman (who looks a bit like a modern day TV magician), and a brunette lady. The lower paying symbols are still pretty ferocious: a dragon (that quintessentially Chinese icon), a fiery Phoenix, a bird and a wolf creature.

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