Football Carnival

Football Carnival was born as a direct result of this fervour, utilising popular football references and players to create a popular universe that gamblers love. In this game, football meets Brazilian culture once again in an efficient and extravagant mix.

Read our complete review of Football Carnival to learn all the tips and tricks you need to know about to score many goals and win big on the reels of the game…

Football Carnival follows an intuitive gameplay that leaves players free to customise their bet settings as they see fit throughout their gaming session.

The game contains five spinning reels displaying three symbols each at the end of every turn. With 50 available paylines, you have a plenty of winning possibilities all across the screen. Use the command bar at the below the reels in order to choose the number of paylines you wish to use and the size of your bet per line. Click on the corresponding (+) and (-) signs, or use the Bet Max Shortcut to go all-in and place a big bet to maximise your potential rewards. Your goal is to line up combinations of symbols on the paylines you have activated. Hit Spin once you are ready and the game is on.

Try the Autoplay mode to add start up the reels and leave them spin on their own. All your winnings will be added to your credit total as you score them. Let’s now move on to the following section to find out more about the reel symbols of Football Carnival.

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