Fortune Fest

Fortune Fest is a fun video slot game developed by Red Tiger Gaming that will keep players entertained spin after spin thanks to a simple gameplay, big wins and a few surprises awaiting the most stubborn of them. Not to mention a great graphic environment to top it all off.

In terms of graphics, Fortune Fest is quite impressing. The game might be inspired from a popular Chinese universe, but it still stands out positively on the market.

The reels are framed by dozens of red fireworks rockets set in the middle of a tree at night. The houses and temples are lined up as far as the eye can see, lit up by candles and lanterns. The overall atmosphere is quite peaceful, but you know that it would only take a spark to set it all off.

Fortune Fest is quite intriguing for a slot game, with a rather unique atmosphere. Let’s see if the gameplay is as unique in the next section.

Fortune Fest is rather intuitive for a slot game, with only a few steps standing between you and potential big wins down the line.

The game is made up of 10 fixed paylines in total, drawn across 5 reels. All winning combinations of symbols that happen to land on any of those paylines will trigger a specific cash prize. The (+) and (-) buttons under the reels are here to help you place a specific wager on your next spin, which is the only step that you have to take before setting the reels into motion.

Players have to keep in mind at all times that all the rewards in Fortune Fest are calculated according to the combinations that appear on the screen and the amount of money you are currently putting on the table. If you want to increase your chances to win big, then you have to put a little extra credits into play. The autoplay mode is also at your disposal; use the switch at the top of the game screen to turn it on and let the reels follow their course.

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