Pirate Ship

Along with the many classic heroes of fantasy and historical fiction, there has always been a spot for a rugged group of anti-heroes. Pirates probably never enjoyed a glamorous life in the real world, but in fiction, they have consistently been portrayed as swashbuckling adventurers, robbing and pillaging, but often at the expense of tyrannical governments and navies that deserved it Or, at least, who could afford to see their treasures stolen from them.
That’s the kind of adventurous spirit you’ll find on Pirate Ship. With plenty of fun characters and a lucrative bonus round, this game represents a much more convenient way to amass a horde of gold and booty without requiring you to sail the seven seas.

Pirate Ship is a five-reel slot machine with 100 paylines. Each of the reels features four symbol positions, making the screen feel just a big over sized.

The object of the game, naturally, is to match identical symbols across your active paylines. You can win a little money by collecting spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds, but the real money is in the thematic icons you’ll find on the screen. There are parrots, male and female pirates, and cannons galore. And, of course, you can score big with the classic skull and crossbones flag. A symbol that appears in stacks, making it possible to make many winning combinations on a single spin.
In addition, you’ll want to keep an eye on the treasure chest symbols that can appear on the reels. This acts as a wild, one that can help you make winning combinations by pairing with any normal icon.

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