Touch Down

If you’re unfamiliar with the rules of American football, never fear. It’s a complex, convoluted game, one that you mercifully don’t have to grasp a jot of to master Touch Down. Learning the plays and tactics that dictate American football can take years; learning the symbols in Touch Down takes minutes. After that, you’re kicking with the wind.

Five reels and 25 paylines comprise the playing field where you’ll triumph valiantly or fail gloriously. To achieve the former, you’ll want to identify and pinpoint the game’s premium symbols. The icons are as all-American as the sport itself; even if your experience of American football is limited to watching the Super Bowl with a keg and a mountain of nachos, you’ll recognise these symbols.

We have a football player prostrate on the pitch (presumably after copping a tasty tackle), a boot, a ball, a cheerleader, referee and a spectator’s finger clad in an oversized comedy glove. The reels are overlaid against an American football pitch and flanked by a pair of towering players. A football in flight zooms across the top of the screen.

In terms of design, WorldMatch have deployed a retro comic book style. It’s a look that some will love and others will hate. It would be stretching the truth to call any of the game’s protagonists – from the cheerleader to the players – attractive, put it that way. Still, they’re a flamboyant looking bunch, there’s no getting away from that. Credit to WorldMatch for at least trying to come up with something that looks different from the glut of sporting video slots out there.

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