Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest is one of the latest games from the iSoftBet team and, while it may have a rather plain name, the game itself is anything but. There is some great background scenery on offer that fits perfectly with the graphics and sound effects to give you a game that is great to look at and fun to play. iSoftBet are famous for putting in some pretty big jackpots up for grabs and by the looks of things Treasure chest is no exception.

The theme of the game is a pretty simple one, as iSoftBet are inviting you on a treasure hunt. The problem? The pirate guarding it is just a little bit paranoid, and you’re going to have to get past him to win big when you spin the reels of Treasure Chest. The visuals in the game offer quite the mix of realistic graphics and cartoonish fun.

The background of the video slot pulls you into a casino, as it’s actually the interior of a casino complete with slot machines on the walls. But the middle of the screen is where you get the real Treasure Chest graphical experience, as it where the reels and their brilliantly symbols are located. These symbols include pieces of golden jewellery, a safe filled with doubloons, and a map showing you where the treasure is buried.


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