5 Fortune Dragons

The Chinese dragon is a symbol with many connotations attached to it, such as it being a bringer of strength and power, but what it’s primarily known for is being a symbol of good luck. As with a lot of traditional folklore, only those worthy enough to receiving the blessing will do so, which gives you a hint at the level of volatility being applied here.

Spade Gaming are sticklers for tradition, and so while they’ve given you five different dragons of fortune, they each come at a cost.

But let’s not worry ourselves with that right now, for the grid is bright and colourful, its 5 reels painting a beautiful picture of gold tinged combinations that’ll make your eyes water; there is such vibrance to be found here. It’s very rare that an online slot can create such a rich canvas for users to work with without having to overdo the novelty imagery. While there’s a specific theme adopted here, it isn’t done distastefully.

There is a lot of variation in 5 Fortune Dragons, but we’re just going to focus on the most important of them for now, essentially cutting out the middleman so you can get the goods. Nobody wants to wait for a review of the bonus round when it’s all they can think about, and we’re not ones for being cruel.

Scatter wins are played from the left hand side to the right, and can show up in a group of three, four or five. Even though they pay out money, cash isn’t what you’re going to be interested in when you see the diversity of the five dragons; they make this game special to say the least.

Players will have a tough choice laid out before them: whether to take on less free spins but savour a massive multiplier, or go for more games and a measly multiplier. You can never have both.

  • Orange Dragon: When a wild shows up during this round, the 5 free games will activate a multiplier between x10 and x30.
  • Teal Dragon: Here the wild will turn up with an increased number of free spins, but with a chance of a x8, x10 or x15 multiplier.
  • Blue Dragon: Now we have 10 free games up for grabs with only a maximum of a x10 multiplier to be applied, when the wild appears.
  • Red Dragon: Ups the ante of the free spins with an impressive 15 of them, but turns down the multiplier to between x3 and x8.
  • Yellow Dragon: Users will get the most free spins with 20 of them to savour, however they’ll have to deal with a lacklustre win of only a x2, x3 or x5 multiplier.

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