Atlantis Queen

Atlantis Queen takes place in a beautifully designed underwater universe that complements the actual gameplay perfectly.

The spinning reels are perfectly integrated within a giant coral reef, located right under the surface. You can see the sunlight shining from above and illuminating the ancient ruins of temples and house of which you can catch a glimpse in the distance.

Underwater universes are not rare amongst slot games, but Playtech has managed to create a classic look for its game and yet make it stand out through its sheer graphic quality. Let’s move on to the gameplay itself in the next section.

Atlantis Queen features a highly customisable gameplay, with all practical commands neatly packed right under the reels, at the bottom of your game screen.

The five reels of the game contain three symbols each, and the game itself includes 25 available paylines in total. You need to line up specific combinations of symbols on activated paylines in order to win the corresponding cash prize. Start by using the (+) and (-) buttons to select both the number of paylines you wish to bet on and the size of you bet per line. Click the bright purple Spin button to validate your settings and launch the reels. Remember that betting more means a higher risk, but also higher potential wins ahead. Use the Bet Max switch to go all-in on all 25 paylines at once, if you feel in luck.

The Autoplay mode is an alternative betting mode, where your settings are saved and the game, set on autopilot, simply spins the reels over and over again. Feel free to tweak the settings as many times as you wish, and find the options that suit your gaming style best.

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