Indian Myth

The India we know today is a far cry from the one we’re presented with – here the knowledge of its questionable politics and extreme poverty has been abandoned, the focus being on the mystical side of this divine yet turbulent country. It doesn’t tell us a story, but it lays out an exotic scene before us. The exact location is left up to the imagination, the mind filling in the gaps and creating an atmosphere unique to each user.

Indian Myth resides on the calm still waters of a lake, a selection of architectural wonders hiding in the background, much of their shape in silhouette. Providing one of the most romantic backdrops imaginable, you will be able to rest in a bed of flowers, your mind able to drift along at a leisurely pace.

During your time contemplating, you’ll be visited by several symbols, some of which are inspired by the game itself, while others will be dressed up card suits bringing in a variety of money but no variation in style. All in all, it’s an attractive picture that’s been painted for us, but does it live up to its aesthetics?

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