The Lost Gems

Slots based around ancient Egypt are very common, so it’s only natural that online casino games developer GamingSoft should have at least one game filled with pyramids, scarab beetles and ankhs in their range. So, we are happy to bring you a review of The Lost Gems, which has all these and more presented over 3 reels and instead of paylines, there are 27 different ways to win, plus bonus features that you wouldn’t normally find on a 3-reeler, such as wild wins, free spins and a progressive jackpot round.

Everything about The Lost Gems video slot is in a cartoon style, from the pictures of pyramids that sit behind the reels, to the buxom Queen Cleopatra whose smiling image greets players as the game loads up, and who will trigger the jackpot feature when she stops in the right places.

There are only 5 standard symbols that are going to turn up in this game, ranging in value from the green ankh that’s worth 60 coins when it appears on all 3 reels across any of the 27 ways to win, through the golden scarab beetle jewels, the equally golden pyramid, the single BAR and finally, the top wins in the base game come from the double BAR icon, that’s worth 200 coins.

But there are lots of bonus symbols that mix things up a little. The dog-headed god Anubis is depicted as a fearsome creature surrounded by blue flames, but players have little to worry about as he turns up in a super-sized symbol which is double height and therefore makes it easier for it to fill all 3 spots across the reels. There’s some super-sized wins of 800 coins to collect when this happens.

An image of the Sphinx next to a couple of pyramids acts as a wild symbol, so anyone who has 2 of a symbol type across the reels and needs a third to complete the combination will find that this icon is able to substitute for others and they will still get paid out for a win. There’s no value to lines of wilds on their own however, and the bonus and jackpot symbols can’t be replaced by it.

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