Live22 download

How old do I have to be to play on LIVE22?

In accordance with our Terms & Conditions, any player must be at least 18 years of age.


What do I do if I am suddenly disconnected from the Internet while mid-game?

Due to several reasons beyond our control, internet connections may malfunction at times. Because of this, we have developed a sophisticated integrated abnormal disconnection handling mechanism to protect players in such an event.

Please do not panic if you get disconnected from the Internet while you are in a middle of a game. You will be logged out after a certain period of inactivity if you are unable to reconnect to LIVE22.

If you manage to reconnect before you are logged out, the type of game you were playing determines what you will see upon reconnection. In Live Baccarat, if you have already placed a bet, you may login again to see how the game had finished by clicking on the “Game History” button. If your bet was not yet placed, you will get a refund.


Where can I find complete detailed instructions on the various games?

In the casino lobby, you will find a “Help” button containing a complete set of instructions and explanations of all casino games. You may also click the “Help” button while playing to display yips for the specific game you are playing.

Rollex 11 download

Rollex11 casino is safe for playing gambling?

Yes, it’s 100% safe to play online for the rollex11 casino. Rollex11 is one of the best trusted online casino which has no fraud or scam case since the beginning. Also, support is available for 24 hours for listening to the gambling queries.


How to deposit for Rollex11? 

You can contact our customer support to request bank account to deposit your ammount and start playing Rollex11.


Is Rollex11 online casino offer bonus? 

Yes like other gambling platforms rollex11 also gives bonus offers to their players. The offers may be based on an event like happy New Year offer and player can contact support for offers availability. The traditional offers are also available such as a welcome bonus and first deposit bonus.

Ace333 download

What is Ace333?

Online games reach its popularity in today’s generation. There are a lot of ways to enjoy your leisure time by playing online games. And there are a lot of online games you can play, that will help you to produce income. Different online games today can be download in your mobile devices, this may be an android or IoS. Also, some players prefer to play on PC.


What are the tips or clues to winning in the slot machine?

Looking for tips on how to win the Ace333 award? In fact, there is no easy way, but you can try the free test ID first, before using real money online casino, please continue to try your betting strategy. Real credit will be real money.


How to withdraw the credit from Ace333?

If you want to withdraw the credit, just contact our customer service and tell you the amount you want to carry. Make sure the amount exceeds RM50. Otherwise, customer service will not be able to assist with this transaction.

XE88 Download

What is xe88?

The xe88 is an apk or app to be created to penetrate new market to online casino games players and players can use this apk or app as a bridge, as a connection of playing many online casino games with much more confident. It is easy to install and to be managed. Players are mostly choose xe88 as many reasons. First, it is recently new if compared with 918KISS, Mega888 and other platform. Second was it has daily rewards and bonus if you login into it daily. This could attract many players to play.


How to get the free ID account for demo?

Try to contact our Customer Support and we will give the ID. Another method is, enter the link, search for the Demo ID and Passwords.

Sky777 Download

How to install Sky777 in computer?

Although Sky777 is only available in mobile version, you can still install Sky777 in your computer. First, download an android emulator, then use the android emulator to install Sky777 apk. We recommend NOXPlayer or BlueStack, both emulator are run well.


How to register Sky777?

Before you can register Sky777, you have to be atleast 21 years old. If you are eligible, please proceed to contact our 24/7 customer service. Basic information is needed such as your name and phone number.


How to top-up Sky777?

We do also provide top-up service. To top-up credit, you may contact our 24/7 customer service and provide them your game ID and the amount you would like to top-up. Make the payment via online transfer or ATM transfer to the bank account provided. After you have transferred the payment, send the transfer slip to our customer service and wait the amount to be topped-up into your game ID.

Ntc33 Download

What games can be found in NTC33?

There has more than 100 types of online casino games in this NTC33.


If I am interested, how I can join the game?

We have a restriction that 21 years old and above, may join this online casino games. You go to our Customer Support for making your account registration. It’s free of charge for us opening it. Provide us your name, what game do you want to join and your phone number. We are pleasant to serve you as our VIP customers. We welcome all the players and interested people. Do PM us.

Joker123 Download

What is Joker123?

Joker is a place where you play Slots, Casino or Shoot Fish online using real money or credit.


How can we play here?

You only need to register, it’s very easy too. You only need to provide the necessary requirements such as Name & Account Number.


Can we access Joker123 anywhere?

Yes, you can access Joker123 anywhere .

Mega888 Download

What game can you expect from Mega888?

Online gambling clubs are highly respected and are the best combination of arcade gambling club games, table dice games, gaming machines and virtual races. In a real sense, anyone can find the necessary conditions for playing here from BlackJack to Roulette. You will be stunned by our club game database.


Does Mega888 have a reload Bonus?

Indeed, reload rewards and rewards are given now and again and on exceptional events. The tips are continually changing, and you can keep awake to date with our rewards by reaching our operators or visiting our official site.

Can I play live online club games in Mega888?

You can generally play live online club games in Mega888 and join players from everywhere Asia in multiplier games like Baccarat or Sic Bo.


Play8oy Download


What is Play8oy?

Play8oy is the most popular online casino in malaysia, there are variety option given by play80y ,player will have many options to play the game. Sign in to your Play8oy Casino account now and explore more ways to win big prizes through a gambling betting tour. Play8oy Casino has become the main platform for many casino players’ daily entertainment venues. Try Play8oy Casino now and win great rewards. Every time a visitor wants to get something bigger, because they like to see extra rotation or free spins at each level, the most important thing is to explore new things every day. Their games not only convince players to visit them again and again, but also persuade new players every day to increase revenue and publicity.


What is the terms and conditions  while playing play8oy?

– Playing the online gamble games, the age of the players must be in range 21 years old and above.


Isn’t safe to play Play80y?

All players, don’t worry about the copyrights. We are truly get the apk and contents source from authorized and verified vendors. The game is managed under a high security system and your account will be not shown in public (private mode). Any question about management you want to ask, don’t be shy and contact our Customers Support.

918kiss Download


 What is 918kiss??

For many gamers in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, this is the ideal place to start an online slot game. It has become one of the most used online casinos in the country and arguably one of the best online casinos around. Very impressive layout and stylish interface, easy to use for both novices and veterans. What’s more, it’s easy to enjoy. The interactive interface and ease of use make it one of the best places to start a gaming adventure.  

Maintenance of 918Kiss

918kiss maintenance will be completed in a day or hours . You can also close a market in a certain country . And no notice will be given during the temporary maintenance.  

How Can I Download the 918kiss ?

To start to play game in 918kiss ,it is very easy now! Click the button above 918kiss android to download apk file, click the button IOS for iphone Once you have installed , just simply follow the instruction given.